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Makaazingira Eco-charcoal Briquettes


“East Africa’s first truly sustainable FSC™ certified Eco Charcoal”


Charcoal is the primary cooking and heat fuel source within East Africa with an estimated 9,637,000 mt. used annually. Recognized as being the primary reason for habitat loss and increased desertification in Kenya due to exploitive production, supplies are now diminishing and prices increasing.

Simple harvesting and kilning technologies are available that can make charcoal production a truly sustainable and profitable land use – resulting in a secure annual income for land holders. By maintaining utilized habitat, soil erosion and desertification is reduced, and grazing capacity improved.

In response to the rapidly increasing deforestation throughout Kenya, Wild Living Resources has developed an environmentally friendly charcoal briquette. Rather than using older larger trees MakaaZingira is made from the carbonised twigs of fast growing regenerative shrubs. The production of MakaaZingira directly helps to increase the bio diversity of the forest, acacia rangelands and farm lands by placing a livelihoods value on maintaining biodiverse habitat – rather then its clear felling for cultivation.

MakaaZingira is East Africa’s first truly sustainable charcoal and is certified as such through the Soil Association accredited Forest Stewardship Council (FSC™). MakaaZingira burns well with an even heat for hours and is suitable for a jiko or barbeque. Easy to light and long lasting it is the ideal substitute to illegal charcoal that is turning once productive East African lands into deserts.

Wild Living Resources offers training and certifies local farmers on how to carbonize fast growing regenerative shrubs using a highly efficient yet appropriate mobile drum kiln. The knowledge of sustainable land use is immensely important and one of the conditions that Wild Living Resources requires of its farmer partners before FSC™ certification is approved.


Once bound together with a mixture of cassava and coir the resulting carbonised twigs are put through a briquetting press, packaged and marketed from the Wild Living Resources business park. Wild Living purchases the carbonised twigs from its trained and certified farmer partners creating an additional livelihood opportunity and providing an economic incentive to conserve their now valued environment.



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