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Starting To Stock Up Your Food Cache for Any Emergency Situation


As a survivalist, you should always be ready by having at least thirty days of survival food available so that no matter what the reason is you know that you have the ability to at least have food and water for thirty days. It’s scary to think what could happen if all of the sudden there were no trucks and trains hauling grain so that you can get it at your local store?

What would you do for supplies? Could you hunt and fish? Would you be able to live off the land eating what you could find? If you are same , the answer is no.

If you don’t believe this might happen just take a look at a couple of current incidents where this has occurred. Katrina, how long was it until food and power were restored? Japan when the tsunami came ashore there were people without food and aid for over a week. This stuff can and does happen.

What would happen if a pandemic flu were to hit? People wouldn’t want to go to stores where they would come in contact with other people; truck drivers wouldn’t want to deliver food to places and become exposed to the flu? The government would like shut down roads to help isolate the spread of the flu. What would you have then?

Being prepared for situations only makes sense. The worst case situation is that you are wrong, but you now have a thirty-day cache of food and water to use. So long as you make user of it before it’s out of date you aren’t out anything.

So what kind of survival food should you have stored in an emergency situation?

Dehydrated Food – Dehydrated food can either be something that you purchase or that you dehydrate yourself using a dehydrator like the Excalibur 2900 Dehydrator. If you are buying this, the downside is that it’s pretty expensive for what you get but on the upside, it has a long shelf life. If you dehydrate your food, it’s relatively inexpensive but requires having some method to dehydrate and store the food. If storing your dehydrated food, you should make sure to use a desiccant package in there as it will absorb the oxygen and help keep the dehydrated food longer.

Canned Food – This can either be canned foods that you choose up at a grocery store, or you could have your own that you can use a pressure canner. Either one of these is a cost-effective method for food storage. If you plan to buy canned goods when there are sales you can stock up on a 30 day supply for very good prices. Things like pasta, pasta sauce, canned vegetables, soups, etc. are often on sale for 10 for 10. If you use coupons, you can even bring that price down even more.

There are obviously many other kinds of food you can stock up on. It’s important that you at least be prepared for any incident so that when the shit hits the fan, you aren’t in the shit so to speak.


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