Texas Pig Hunt…

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I had gotten permission to hunt some property in NE Texas just a few days ago, 684 acres to be exact. 60 percent is in pasture, mixture between hay fields and corn. The other 40 percent is wooded. The owner told me he had a lot of hogs tearing up his pasture and asked me Read More

Shotgun Hunting Season

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This past Friday was the opening day of the shotgun season in Illinois. I’m not real big on gun hunting, but I do like to go out and shoot some does. I would much rather take a buck with my bow. If a monster whitetail presented itself, I probably couldn’t resist taking him, but it Read More

Survival Food – Bugging In or Out it Makes a Difference

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As with many preppers, I wonder if I should consider bugging out when the shit hits the fan or staying put and protecting the place I am at. This dilemma has been debated countless many time by many a doomsday preppers. The question comes down to this. Is being mobile a better choice than being Read More

East African Sustainable Good Woods

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“From bad to good woods –East Africa’s first supply of certified hard woods from well managed forest resources!”   Deforestation of Africa’s Rainforest is contributing significantly to global warming – reducing the ability of the planet to cope with increasing levels of carbon dioxide produced by the industrialized north. The demand for hard wood continues Read More

East African Indigenous Aloe

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“East African Aloes Restoring the Health of Kenya’s Semi-Arid Land” Over 75% of East Africa is classified as semi arid agriculturally marginal land. Livestock farming undertaken by pastoralist peoples is the main source of livelihood in these drought prone areas. Unfortunately, excessive livestock numbers has resulted in overgrazing with a disasterous effect on soil erosion, Read More

Hunt Cameroon Central Africa – Self Guided

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Here is an opportunity to hunt Cameroon, Central Africa on an affordable self guided trip. AHuntingWorld.com is working with Cam Greig, a Cameroon born American, to enable you to do a classic foot safari in Central Africa. Cam is a veteran of numerous self guided African safaris and has set up a local support staff Read More