HUNT SOUTH AFRICA With Dedekind Safaris

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Dedekind safaris is owned and operated by Mark and Telani Dedekind. Based in Zululand, South Africa, Dedekind Safaris offers hunting in both the Thabazimbi and Zululand area. Dedekind Safaris is well known for their outstanding nyala, plains game, buffalo and rhino hunting. We cater to the bow, handgun, rifle and blackpowder hunter. The Zululand hunting Read More

Spring Turkey Scouting

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It was still dark as I turned the Suburban off the gravel road onto the field access road that ended at oak woods a half mile away. Not wanting to alert the turkeys, I turned off the engine and got out, quietly closing the door behind me. I reached into my turkey vest, pulled out Read More

Tougher Laws Against Animal Fighting

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It sounds funny to think that a little Chihuahua would be able to stop a thief. If you think about it, other than yapping and possibly causing lots of harm with their sharp little teeth, any criminal could easily pick up the Chihuahua and the dog’s effort to stop crimes would be in vain. However, Read More