Tougher Laws Against Animal Fighting

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It sounds funny to think that a little Chihuahua would be able to stop a thief. If you think about it, other than yapping and possibly causing lots of harm with their sharp little teeth, any criminal could easily pick up the Chihuahua and the dog’s effort to stop crimes would be in vain. However, Read More

Shotgun Hunting Season

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This past Friday was the opening day of the shotgun season in Illinois. I’m not real big on gun hunting, but I do like to go out and shoot some does. I would much rather take a buck with my bow. If a monster whitetail presented itself, I probably couldn’t resist taking him, but it Read More

Hunt Cameroon Central Africa – Self Guided

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Here is an opportunity to hunt Cameroon, Central Africa on an affordable self guided trip. is working with Cam Greig, a Cameroon born American, to enable you to do a classic foot safari in Central Africa. Cam is a veteran of numerous self guided African safaris and has set up a local support staff Read More