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Hunt Cameroon Central Africa – Self Guided

Here is an opportunity to hunt Cameroon, Central Africa on an affordable self guided trip. AHuntingWorld.com is working with Cam Greig, a Cameroon born American, to enable you to do a classic foot safari in Central Africa. Cam is a veteran of numerous self guided African safaris and has set up a local support staff in Cameroon to enable you to do the same.

With a cost of $6995.00 2×1, or $7995.00 1×1 this is the best value in a true big game African hunt. The only other additional costs are $600 for a concession fee and the very reasonable trophy fees of:



elephant $4,000
Bongo $3,500
eland $3,500
Buffalo $1,800
waterbuck $800
Hartebeest $500
bushbuck $300
red river hog $300
giant forest hog $400
sitatunga $1,000
Roan $1,600
Yellow back duiker $500
Peter & other duiker $300

How It Works – Explained By Cam Greig Of Portage Safaris

This is a full service hunt without a PH. I will work with you to have as many of the details organized as possible. You are still on our own, as it is a self guided hunt.


  • I will work with you ahead of the hunt to get your gun import paperwork, visa and hunting license in Cameroon completed. I pay all the fees.
  • You get a complete list of what to bring and what is provided, down to your toothbrush.
  • I will recommend airlines and dates. You pay travel to and from the country.


  • I have a crew in-country that picks you up at the airport with an interpreter if needed. I pay for these.
  • I arrange a locally hired car to take you to the village and drop you off. You will be on foot the whole rest of the time. He picks you up at the end. I pay for these.
  • I arrange to loan you some basic bulky and camp gear and give you a list of your personal gear you bring.
  • All your in-country food is purchased for you along with provisions for the staff. I pay for these.

I arrange to have some one to boil water (not to be confused with a real cook) for you, trackers (usually pretty sharp ) and porters (usually pretty dull). You will have a staff of 7-9 personnel. I pay for them

  • My personal tracker will go with you and most likely at least 2 others who have gone with me before. I pay for them.


  • I arrange to have paperwork completed trip so you can export your trophies. This is your cost. You pay all trophy related fees, I can get you approximate rates
  • I arrange for shipping of the trophies. You pay for this.

If you go I require that you sign a waiver that you will not use my staff or go to any place I have shown you without my written permission. I highly recommend a satellite phone and am on call 24/7 for assistance. I am currently hunting an area with good herds of forest buffalo and western kob. There are other species available. The only charge for extra animals is the trophy fee. If you have the time and the fortitude to walk a long distance you can go to an area with bongo, but they are hard to find. This is a hunt on foot for experienced hunters. I have one area that is still good and does not require a long walk; in fact you reach the first camp by vehicle.HUNTABLE SPECIES: Elephant, red (dwarf) buffalo, bongo, forest sitatunga, giant forest hog, red river hog, warthog, harnessed bushbuck, sing-sing waterbuck, western kob, Peter’s duiker, bay duiker, ogilby’s duiker, yellow back duiker, Gabon duiker, bates pygmy antelope, 3 species (at least) of monkey, several species of quail/partridge, python
OTHER: All protected ::Leopard, pangolin, water chevrotain, chimps.
Cost for all the services mentioned above is $6995.00 per hunter as long as there are 2 or more hunters. If you wish to go alone it is $7995.00 You pay trophy fees (See Above List) and government concession fee ($600) as well as export of trophies. If you are in reasonable shape and can hunt hard and walk all day this is a tremendous value
This is probably the most reasonable African big game safari found today. Don’t delay call Wayne today


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