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Survival Food – Bugging In or Out it Makes a Difference


As with many preppers, I wonder if I should consider bugging out when the shit hits the fan or staying put and protecting the place I am at. This dilemma has been debated countless many time by many a doomsday preppers.
The question comes down to this. Is being mobile a better choice than being in a stationary position?
If you are planning to “Bug In” at your current location you’ve got a couple of advantages that aren’t as easy for the mobile prepper. You can have a more significant cache of survival products and food available to you. You’ve got familiar surroundings which is also a distinct advantage. The drawback, on the other hand, is that if people know or learn everything you have that could make you more of a target for others who as a result of desperation resort to other than friendly way to get what they want.
Many preppers assume that they will be able to trade with people who will be much superior to any form of force by arms. This might be true if you have an overwhelming amount of firepower where they already know the only recourse is trading politely, barring that the darker side of human nature will likely take over and they’re going to use whatever means necessary to get what you have, and they don’t.
When you plan on bugging in once the shit hits the fan, you need to consider having the means to protect what you have. You should also consider hiding much of your stash in multiple locations outside and out of your primary site. If you do get raided and lose what you have, you still have fallback supplies. Consider having a perfect security plan in place. Don’t count on the good nature of men and women around you. Your life could be in danger, and no one will be there to bail YOU out of trouble.
If you are planning on a more mobile prepper lifestyle, you need to consider the ramifications of not having as many supplies available to you in most cases. You will need to educate yourself on the skills of living off the land. You need to have a couple of books at your disposal; one is a book on edible plants and the other would be on the medicinal use of plants. This will allow you to forage far more efficiently saving valuable space within your bug out bag for other supplies.
Your bug out bag should contain things you will need to survive while moving from place to place. Your top concerns should be shelter and security. Having both will allow you to stay in more secure hiding places although you won’t have just as much in the way of creature comforts. A small tent and tarps that one could build them from would be ideal to have. Items that allow you to start fires will be a must as would be some pot of boiling water and cooking needs. You should be well stocked with first aid, as they say, bullets, band-aids, and beans.
You will probably want to have a good pair of boots. Although running sneakers are comfortable for day to day living now if you are walking a lot they will wear out; you will want a great pair of military grade water resistant boots which are both comfortable and broken in. The last thing you want to want to do when you bug out is to handle blisters because your boots aren’t broken in. Warm clothing might be a consideration too thought it’s likely you would be able to scavenge clothes from abandoned homes.
Whether you choose to bug in or bug out, the important thing is to be prepared and stay alive.


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